Tuesday 23 April 2019

Walking around Singapore

Singapore has much to recommend it. A thoroughly modern city carpeted in foliage. Incredible buildings are to be found at every turn, and everything operates like clockwork. It feels welcoming and safe, but you can still wander down a side street and know that you are in Asia. Growth has been tremendous (not long ago Singapore was a sleepy colonial outpost), but has been designed with the mission statement of garden city in mind.

I left after work on a Friday, and such is the time difference arrived on Saturday afternoon. I met a colleague for dinner and was given a walking tour of the city which helped acclimatise me to local time. On Sunday I got up for first light and went birding all day - a separate post awaits - and then I spent the evening in the city again. Monday was a repeat of Sunday, but birding mostly different areas, after which I flew home and went to work, wondering quite what had happened over the last 72 hours. Here are few of the sights, mainly around the Central Business District and Marina Bay.

No trip would be complete etc etc

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  1. That's really quite incredible! I dunno what they're smoking out there, but...