Thursday 6 September 2018

The modern man

A few years ago many men looked like this.

Then something happened. First of all add this.

Then this

And finally this

And so now 90% of the male UK population all look the same, thus: 

I am not even going to begin to wonder at why, but surely we are at beard, tattoo and headphone saturation point? These photos are simply randoms that I pulled from the internet, and if you reading this and are one of these people then I apologise in advance. In a sorry not sorry kind of way. It is ridiculous. Fair enough at one stage it was probably trend-setting, but now it is just silly. What happened to individuality? Why do people feel the need for a huge beard and a tattoo covering 80% of their body? To make them stand out? These days it is more likely to be to blend in and not be different! Baaaaah! I predict a revolution, beard clipper manufacturers are set to make a fortune. Not so easy to get rid of a full arm tattoo though is it? Did they think it through? What happens when they get old and wrinkly? Yuck I expect. That's where I am going to make my millions. Arm transplants.


  1. Replies
    1. Not a drop since Sunday Steve, am being very good. My commute yesterday inspired this, it was as if I were in some kind of hipster nightmare in Leytonstone.

  2. ...or just showing his age Steve

  3. Nothing strikes me as more ludicrous than a teenager with a huge Captain Birdseye shaggy.

    There's a time and a place I reckon.
    I liked the way a television presenter of old; Jack Hargreaves, came on air clean shaven, announced that now he'd reached retirement age, he was losing the razor. I was a kid at the time, seemed a solid reason.

    Tattoss, ! I'll leave the spelling error. What a mess!

    To think there was a time when the only people (men) with tats were those who had either been in the navy, or the nick. The women with tats were either world traveled socialites, or professional gamblers at the races; though they would have had a chap in tow to actually place the bets.

  4. I have tattoos, but they are non-visible to the masses. I usually have stubble for a week, then a beard for three, but only coz I can't be arsed to shave more often than that. Headphones are for losers who don't appreciate natural noises. Plus I had a failed ear transplant from some wannabe millionaire fool a couple of years back, so headphones just fall straight off my head nowadays. Fake ears, that's where the money's at buddy. Viva la revolución, I say.

  5. I take your point-is, but beards are the state of non-effort. Clean shaven men are making more of a choice and making more effort than men who are in their natural state. I hate shaving... ergo... I have a beard. I now just get it clipped when I am at the barbers