Thursday 27 September 2018

Misty morning hop

I've probably written a post with this title several times before. I am old and going senile, and short on time, cannot look it up as a good writer would. No matter. I've been ekeing out a small amount of birding as the best migration period comes to an end - Red-backed Shrike aside it has been poor. Two Pied Flycatchers were good, but I've had only a single Redstart, and only five Spotted Flycatchers. I'd expect multiples of that. Whether this is a microcosm of larger nationwide, nay global issues, or whether this is the result of the landowner's careless hacking followed by the fire I don't know, but this year has felt very hard, harder than any that have gone before. It is still beautiful though, and a pleasure to be rather than stuck behind glass.


  1. Lovely,atmospheric pics. My patch on the Glos/Worcs border also often beautiful but increasingly birdless. Empty farmland - worrying.

  2. Not to worry, yet. My own local patches have been total pony during what should be...well who knows?

    I suspect that the apparent dearth of birds on return migration has been down to them spreading their movements very evenly over the long period of calm dry weather. No hold ups. They have simply drifted in dribs and drabs southwards.

    1. I agree, they could have quite easily sailed straight over the top. I am still worried though.