Sunday 2 September 2018


So, I am still here. Writing urges - not so many.... That's not to say nothing has happened, indeed my life continues to be extremely interesting and highly entertaining. Hem hem. No, really. Look, it has only been a few weeks but I have done so much that I literally do not know where to start and there has been zero time for writing. Let me summarise in bullet point format, and then if I ever get round to it I will expand upon each bit. I may build up a head of steam and simply pour out words. Alternatively I may not. At this stage it is simply not possible to tell and I cannot explain why. 

- Japan is excellent
- Blue Nuthatch is my new favourite bird
- I've seen a Lammergeir and came close to climbing the Matterhorn*
- There is a Red-backed Shrike on Wanstead Flats
- Autumn has started -Redstart, Pied and Spotted Flycatchers
- I used my bike

* more accurately came close to the Matterhorn. I did look up at it a lot.


  1. Nice to have you back, even if just briefly...Hope to hear about your exploits and particularly looking forward to any pictures you might have of the Blue Nuthatch.

    1. They are crap I'm afraid, but the bird was amazing

  2. Your readers await with bated breath!