Monday 25 June 2018

The quiet life

The last few weeks have been marvellously quiet. I have set out to do very little other than some mild gardening, and have been spectacularly successful. Mostly of course I have been at work, I am hoping that the summer might bring some respite from the grind - when the important people all go on holiday this bizarrely coincides with a drop-off in super-urgent tasks that need doing. It helps that a great deal of Europe just disappears to their houses in the countryside or to the beach. I have two coping mechanisms with which to deal with intense periods at work, and I am guessing you know them both already.

The first is to go to an airport and bugger off somewhere. The trouble with this approach is that I usually return even more shattered than when I left. I have been feeling pretty knackered recently, and so I'm actually taking a break from going on holiday and staying at home for the next two months. The second tactic plays very nicely to this, as I just potter around at home annoying the family. They would rather I went on holiday apparently. I am too demanding, too bossy, and too grumpy. OK, so I'll just go and live in the greenhouse then.

I do spend a lot of time down there, it is a haven. There is water, warmth, and lots and lots of oxygen. As a result I end up monitoring my plants obsessively and can totally lose track of time. It is a busy place, endless jobs need doing. Watering, fertilising, spraying, cleaning, repotting, sweeping. Anything but sitting down and resting which I am very bad at. But at least there is nobody telling me what urgently needs doing. 

Here is another nice landscape shot ruined by a bird. I was hoping to take a photo of this thistle and then an Izzy Wheatear came and sat on it. I am still slowly going through them. Non-urgently.


  1. I, along with every other properly educated person in the world, say Izzy Wheatear, but I write it Issy Wheatear. Not sure I've ever seen it written as Izzy, in fact. This has no bearing on anything whatsoever, obviously, just an errant observation. If I had a greenhouse I'd retire to it. Alas, all I have is a growbag with two potato plants in it sitting atop a wooden chair on the patio and an ever present cloud of b*stard midges. Some folks have all the luck.

    I actually saw a passenger airliner passing high overhead a few weeks back, must have been ridiculously lost.

    1. I must not not be properly educated then...

    2. I'd never even thought about it Seth!

  2. I worry about you Jono. Having the level of nervous energy that you have, means that your physical self cannot keep up with your motivated self.

    Take care.