Thursday 7 June 2018

Pied Wheatear

Naturally the whole point of the trip was to photograph Pied Wheatear. Cape Kaliakra was the place, I remembered a brief encounter in 2012 that left we with my only photos to date, but as I improved they left me wanting more. Better. As you know I am obsessed with this family of charismatic birds, and I remembered that here, on the Cape, they were quite fearless as there are so many people wandering around.

My memory served me well, the place was packers. Coach parties, tour groups, families. Frequently visitors walked almost up to the bird I was photographing, and then saw me and stopped and wondered what I was doing. Meanwhile the bird flew off of course. It soon came back, it had a very clear series of favoured perches on top of ruined buildings (the Cape is an archaeological as well as a military site) and was quite the poser. I am going to put most the images on a different website, but a taster is here. I am quite satisfied now, my Pied Wheatear gallery is vastly improved. One day I will publish a book just of Wheatears - I just need to pluck up the courage to visit some fairly inhospitable places first.

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