Saturday 9 June 2018

A nugget of purest green

Getting a lot of these at the moment. Rather 'meh' these days but that was not always the case. I've graduated from being ridiculously over the moon to seeing one on the patch, through ecstatically ticking it for the garden, then regular flights over the house in flocks of up to 50 morning and evening, and now they're a permanent fixture on our feeders. Literally nailed on, and the food is disappearing as up to six birds rotate between the nuts and the seed. Very messy, and so I also have a pair of Stock Dove pecking around. The Parakeets are also fearless, and so it was really easy just to walk to the back door and take this.

1 comment:

  1. Pararats, one thing I definitely DO NOT miss since quitting London for Skye. Would probably kill for a Moorhen, Coot or Canada Goose though...and your Stock Doves would be the first ever up here!