Wednesday 18 April 2018

Endless Fox sex delivers results

I am pleased to report that all my sleepless nights earlier in the year have been worthwhile. My experience every January and February is that Foxes enjoy seemingly endless and very satisfying sex. Right through the night. It is loud, it is prolonged, it is really quite annoying, but you cannot say that it does not work...

Earlier this week I happened to glance out of the new turret here at Chateau L and down at the end of my neighbour's garden the enhanced family was having one of its first forays above ground. There are four cubs, and the mother has a stick rather than a tail - she is clearly feeling the strain. My neighbours, luckily, are not big gardeners. The area at the bottom of their garden is distinctly wild, and the area at the top is not far off. Were they green-fingered, I expect that they might find the rotting food and assorted crap that foxes bring back rather irritating. For my part I have spent the last few evenings getting readyfor the growing season and if I don't say so myself the grounds of Chateau L are beginning to look rather nice. What I don't need is any, er, decoration, so I sincerely hope that they enjoy the wilder side of things as I have very little interest in scooping up fox poo from an entire family. I have enough wildlife issues as it is - this evening I discovered that I have contributed all of last year's crop of monkey puzzle seeds to one of the insatiable squirrels. Many of them had started to germinate and I was very much looking forward to seeing how they got on. Alas no, one massive binge from a squirrel that probably wasn't even hungry has put paid to that. Maybe the presence of a pack of growing foxes will convince my rotund grey friend that a new garden should be sought. I doubt it somehow, but I live in hope.

There is no denying that they are very cute though.

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