Tuesday 19 July 2016

"Back when your blog was good..."

I had to laugh recently - you know who you are! And indeed it's completely true. As I mentioned towards the start of this year in a post called something along the lines of "where is the joy?", the urge to blog has diminished remarkably. Once up on a time I ideas bubbling up all the time - stupid ideas to be sure, but ideas nonetheless. I wrote about them, and enjoyed doing so. Today finds the blog in need of love and attention, and I have none really to give it. I've actually got a list (no really I have) of blog posts. I started it several months ago and periodically add to it, and then I never get round to writing any of them. Back in the day I used to compose the posts in my head as I was wandering about and then simply blast them out when I hit a keyboard. Today I can just about manage the title and then it kind of slips away, not forgotten, but kind of on indefinite hold. The lurkers are as follows:

1. Istanbul - usual travel guff, a few photos, some lovely towels, and now lots of bombs, deaths, and a crumbling democracy. Promises to be fun.

2. Gardening. This is my latest hobby, or rather a recycling of a previous hobby. Most of my plants died or became significantly pissed off whilst I was birding madly, but I'm now showing them love again. Consequently I've not been birding. 

3. Doing a decade of jobs about the house in about three weeks. This is one of the reasons why you have not heard from me for a while. The BP count is off the chart and yet I've just discovered I probably can't do Shetland after all!

4. Camping. I went camping for the first time in, oooh, 15 years? This was actually quite amusing, but I have just about recovered now.

5. Selling crap on Ebay. I hate Ebay, I hate many of the people who use it, and I am going to tell you why. One day.

6. Politics and stupidity. To be honest I have about half a dozen posts on this topic, all seething in my head. In fact this is the closest I've come to the time when I composed entire blog entries in my head. This country is a bloody joke. My second country is even worse. I've tried to write the first of these posts three times, and each time have come away spewing, incomprehensibly angry.

7. Work. See final sentence above. Basically I am not amused.

8. Public Transport and the cretins that use it, which includes me.

9. Icelandic Waders. This is deeply in progress as it involves lots of lovely photos. Sorry, images. The plan is to bore the reader senseless with shot after shot of point blank birds on posts. Win.

So, nine posts (well, fifteen if you count all the things I hate about Brexit individually) gently simmering away. I may or may not get around to them, it will be a surprise. There is also the small matter of my sigmoid colon, a part of me that I had never heard of, frankly wish I had still never heard of, and probably the main reason for my relative silence in recent weeks. Well, months. The good news (for the blog, obvs) is that I'm not about to drop dead, which was initially a worry, but the same time all is not especially rosy and I'm actually rather annoyed by the whole situation. That said I've had some lovely new, ahem, experiences, my new bestest best friend is called Mark, and in time it will hopefully all be a lot funnier..... 

....10. I could do a great post on what I think may be the longest fart in the history of human life on earth. I'll try and give notice in case you're about to have dinner or something.


  1. Jono, to save a lot of time and energy, can you just forget about all the ideas for posts outlined above, except for the 'fart' one? I think that particular post would neatly sum up the state of play in today's UK...

    1. You said it Steve, and it isn't just the UK, it's everywhere. Society and decency are imploding almost everywhere you look!

  2. Must admit, I do like reading these blogs. I tried to do one myself but couldn't get past the title.
    I guess I'm just too contented with my lot in life.