Saturday 16 January 2016

Meanwhile in Wanstead

Back on the patch today in the hope of a cold weather delivery of rare goodies. That was the plan, and that was precisely what didn't happen. Before I ventured out this morning Mrs L wished me luck with Wheatears. Eh? Fair enough I have been talking of little else, but could it be that she does not entirely listen to my witterings? Needless to say I did not see any, but I did think about how the moment we're all waiting for is only perhaps eight short weeks away! Doesn't time go quickly, it will be here before we know it! Which is why we need to make the most of the winter whilst we still can. So if there are any Lapwing or Smew listening, please fly this way!

After a brief stint on Jubilee attempting to take photographs but only really achieving getting very cold lying on the frozen mud, I met up with an optimistic Nick, who had pinned down a Snipe species in the long grass. With the anticipation building we kindly waited for Bob and James to shuffle over, and then proceeded to walk it. Sadly only a squawking Common Snipe came out, but any type of Snipe was a year tick for all of us so we were all still happy to see it. Barring this it was very quiet morning indeed, but I managed to add Reed Bunting to my year list before I had to head off for a party, social butterfly that I am.

More tomorrow hopefully, and yes we would like some winter Swans please.


  1. You might not have to wait six weeks for Wheatears, according to Birdguides they've already been seen in Dublin and Dorset this month.

    1. Well what a funny year this is turning out to be - we had Turtle Dove on the patch last week!