Friday 28 August 2015

Getting better

Two (count 'em!) male Redstarts sat on a twig approx 25cm from each other this morning, utterly lovely to behold. And then a Tree Pipit came and sat on one of their heads, a special moment. Three Whinchat performed a dance in the brooms, and a Pied Fly (or so I am told) dashed over my head. It's pretty damn good out there, and I know exactly where I'll be tomorrow. No, not abroad, not Porthgwarra.....

Just finished updating the list, for what it is worth, as I have been a bit behind. To my consternation it added up on one page to 97, and another to 99. The joy of spreadsheets but I have it sorted now. Tree Pipit, Little Owl and Swift records were missing from key dates and had buggered the counting up. All locations now display a nice neat 100 - here's an extract for the proof, and some annual stats. It is a work of pure genius I have to say, and a huge pain in the backside. But it does enable the counting of Wheatears extremely quickly and thus is a top resource. And if you look very carefully, you will note that I have Spotted Flycatcher on my garden list.

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