Saturday 29 August 2015

Another local haul

Its actually all the same birds, seemingly reluctant to move on, but then again the place is so good why would you? I was out again very early, but without the bind that is work calling me towards a train station I had a camera and was hoping for a friendly Redstart or two. However as the week has progressed the birds have become a little more difficult, perhaps because they knew I had a camera.....

The usual cast were all present, 3-4 Redstarts, 6 Whinchat, 2 Spotted Flycatchers, 2 Tree Pipits, and 5 Yellow Wagtail over. Could I get near them? Barely, and it was only the Whinchats that vaguely played ball but were so flighty only the 800mm + converter kept me in the game. I have no complaints, I am just pleased they are there. They also seem to be drawing ever more birders, with probably half a dozen unfamiliar faces on the patch, including a big ugly one from Barking stringing Yellowhammers every five minutes ;-). By 10am it was all over, with the sun well up and hazy conditions the birds seemed to melt away. I've said it before and I'l no doubt say it again, I love living near this place.

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