Sunday 19 April 2015

Look what I found down the back of the sofa!

You never know what it's going to be. A bit of pizza crust, some lego, a coin or two, a hairband. Imagine my surprise when I unearthed these! All unpublished, and none of the really failing the quality test - there are plenty more to be found which are frankly terrible, but if this is a numbers game Steve.....

In other news the patch has come off the boil slightly. An incredibly early Swift was seen yesterday, but I was sunning myself in Spain and so missed it (although I did see a Swift there too). Redstart and Whinchat have both made an appearance, and I am hoping for both this week at some point. Oh, and I finally saw that bloody Pheasant, and though it gives me no pleasure, it is now on the list as heard and seen.

It was a post-work evening twitch, with my fellow Pheasant dipper Bradders. Pitching up at about 6.30, the bird had the good grace to cross the open ride at about half seven.It did so at approximately the speed of light, blink and you would have missed it. You had to feel slightly sorry for the stoic twitcher, who nearing his twelfth hour at the site that day, happened at that moment to be on the telephone and looking the other way... Oops. I didn't snigger. Much.

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