Thursday 9 April 2015


I managed to spend some time over the long weekend sorting out all the image files from Florida, and rather than post them all on here ad infinitum - this is a blog about Wanstead after all - I thought I'd just take a screenshot and post a link. If you follow it you will get lots and lots of photos of Waders, Herons, Owls, Ospreys, and even Gulls. If you don't, you won't, so it's all pretty simple and binary. Click for bird photos, hit your back button for whatever it was you were looking at before this. I can heartily recommend the former, but in all good conscience am not able to comment on the latter, though if it was via a link from somebody else's blog it is likely to be a better option. Sorry, I mean WTF, you mean you read other blogs? Pfffffff.

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