Wednesday 15 April 2015

Another morning on the patch

We're all as keen as mustard at the moment, hordes of us out on the Flats every day at dawn. Today wasn't quite the day as yesterday, but how could it be? A Yellowhammer was about the best of it, though the day started with yet another Ring Ouzel. Or the same one, I have no idea, they all look very similar. I've seen somewhere between four and six in the last week, depending on whether you count each daily sighting as a new bird or not. Always early, and always vanishing sadly. Couldn't even get a photo of this morning's one, it was flightier than a Great Blue Heron. I think I'm on about 80 for the year, with a pile of winter species missed, so it's not going too badly really. Oh, and there was another Wheatear. It would be rude not to share it.

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