Monday 19 May 2014

Meanwhile on the other side of the world...

Hello! I'm not here. I'm here.....

Back home soon, but I can report Sibe Rubythroats for sale for under sixty quid if anyone is in dire need of a tick. More on that rather tragic story later, but just to say that I am walking miles and miles every day fuelled only on pork buns and cold water, and that I have seen more birds than I thought I would. The full list will follow in due course, but one of the most common is this, a Crested Bulbul, and they make all the good sounds that Bulbuls usually do.

I arrived on Saturday afternoon, and courtesy of the most awesome BA upgrade ever experienced much champagne and no jet lag. This meant I was straight out the next morning at 5am for a full day's birding, including the staggering Mai Po reserve. Again, more on this later, it really was rather special, even though now is supposed to be the quiet time of year. Today was spent walking even further than yesterday around the street markets in Kowloon, where I was offered six suits and three "foot massages". I declined them all, but nevertheless had an extremely interesting day in a teeming city, culminating in the classic HK skyline at night. Having walked over 40km in two days, my feet are on the verge of dropping off, so tomorrow is a rest day where I shall mostly be cruising round small islands in decrepit ferries.

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