Monday 21 April 2014

Dum de dum de dum

A propos of nothing at all, I bring news of 35,000 steps logged this weekend. 24km. This is apparently three times the national average. Why then am I three times the national average weight? Do you know what I had for dinner tonight? 230g of purple-sprouting broccoli. This, in addition to walking around Minsmere twice, should guarantee a few pounds off surely? Except I had a Double-decker for breakfast. Oh, who cares anyway, I had a lovely lovely day in the sun, papped a few birds, and to finish off with went to stroke the plastic Baikal Teal in Cambs. It has now hooked up with a Ruddy Shelduck, which enhances its credentials to the point of almost instant acceptance. Ahem. Glad to see it's still there! And glad I went to Lancashire or wherever that other (real) one was.

Of note, my year list today passed 150, just about a full month later than it might normally. Such is life. The bird wot done it was either Cuckoo or Yellow Wagtail. I suspect that I'll now lag again. Part of me is embarrassed I've been so slack and uncommitted, this is not the Jono of old. Another part of me cares not one iota, and provided that I can still get out now and again (abroad...) I will remain more or less content as long as the shutter keeps on advancing. Oh, and that Blyth's Pipit is probably a Richard's. Good news!

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