Saturday 5 April 2014

All quiet on the Wanstead Front

Dead as a doornail. Not a single migrant, Blackcaps and Chiffs aside. We need a change in the weather, it must all be sailing straight over us. Ring Ouzels have reached Scotland, but seemingly without stopping at what surely has to be one of their favourite places in the country. I was out early to greet them, but was met with empty playing fields. In fact the whole place was empty, and bar a probable Green Sand that I never saw but seemed to be flying west, it was a disappointing morning. Whilst seeing no birds I amused myself by photographing dog walkers totally ignoring the new signage. After all, why should they?

A quick pit stop at home, and then out with kiddo #1 for a walk round the Park, so that he could try and get some photos for a competition. Not seen his yet, but I came away with a couple of ok ones of a Robin and a Blue Tit. I'd have preferred a Redstart and a Bluethroat, but you can't always have whatever you want. Unless you own a dog of course.

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