Thursday 23 January 2014


Today it took me until the early evening to realise that my pants were on backwards. For american readers, I am not talking about my trousers. I had wondered for a while if there wasn't a bit of a problem, a little tightness, a lingering suspicion that something was amiss, but wall-to-wall meetings meant I wasn't able to pin it down. Only at half five did I manage to stagger to the bathroom to check, and sure enough.... This sums up my day really.

Anyway, in addition to apparently being too incompetent to dress myself properly, my only other news is that I managed to get out on the patch briefly at the weekend - yes, I know that is ancient history, but as you can see from the above there is not a lot else going on. I met Tony in the SSSI also failing to find Snipe, and together we zipped around both the Flats and the Park adding rare species to our year lists with consummate ease. We didn't even need to get to the shore of the Alex to find Teal, a Cormorant flew over Wanstead Park Avenue as we were walking down it, and a Grey Heron came across the allotments at the same time we did. Such skill. 

Ending up in Bush Wood, we attempted to find Firecrest and Coal Tit, and failed miserably. I guess with all the megas earlier in the day, the Birding Gods had decided Tony was all done. But not me! Back at home recuperating with a nice little coffee in the conservatory, the house silent and peaceful, I noted a small bird with what looked like a stripey head zip up the garden. Bingo! I've seen Coal Tit in my garden precisely once before, and so the timing of this bird was impeccable. It turned out there were actually two, as whilst attempting to gather photographic evidence with which to grip off TB, I unwittingly recorded a second bird that I only noticed later on the computer. I am so good at birding.

I've also just about finished going through the stuff from Morocco, and so my trip page is now complete with a few individual pages related to bird species, and a vague (very vague) stab at a report that in reality is just me babbling on about camera shit again. You had better get used to it as I am going back again soon. For now though I have just one final picture to bring you.....

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