Saturday 18 January 2014

Gulls, Shingle, and Camo

The rot has started. Dungeness. With the Gull Brothers. Both in camo. Oh dear. You don't believe me? Get a load of this. Richard we know about, but Mick? Yup. Some nonsense about forgetting his actual coat. As if.....

Mostly crappy light, a lot of wind, dodgy attire and a shit load of seagulls. Big ones and small ones. I admit to papping a few of them between camo-induced laughing fits. The pattern is called "Woodland Shingle". Can you see him? I can't.

Here are some of my better attempts. It's so hard, and my hit rate continues to be pitifully low, though when I do connect properly it does kind of work. The gulls didn't really play ball, and rather than a lot of nice banking and so on, they mostly flew straight past, sniggering quietly to themselves when they saw Mick. Still, makes a nice change from sitting at my desk or lying in bed with the runs. Well, at least from the former. Kittiwakes are not birds I see often, and they're in their element in the wind and the spray. First winters are absolutely lovely (for a Gull), and it was a bit of a treat to have so many birds close in. 

In addition to the Kitts, there were quite a few big Gulls around as well. For good measure, and while I'm on a roll, here's one of them too. This is the nominate race of Seagullus maximus. All four images are actually of the same bird, but depending on how the light was falling it could end up looking quite different from one photo to the next.


  1. Mick in camp what ever next he rolling fags soon

  2. Your Photoshop skills are fantastic how on earth did you change my coat to camo !!

    And also you have been using that new Plug-in .. The Ageing Tool .. I don't look that old or have grey hair !!