Monday 14 October 2013

Yet more banjos

Enjoyed another great gig last night, really pleased I nabbed a ticket all those months ago. I have no defence, I just happen to like music that has banjos in it. There are worse crimes - photo critique for instance. It's always dangerous to make definitive plans for October, but I think I got away with it. The one bird I needed this past weekend, a Pied Wheatear, was on a far-away island and then got itself eaten by a Sparrowhawk before I could even contemplate how to get there. Ideal in many respects, especially for the Sprawk one supposes.

A nice quiet concert for a change, and I got home without my ears ringing, unlike most other things I've been to this year. A lovely voice, smart lyrics, fairly sassy in person, though she did say she loved London a few too many times - to a big cheer every time of course. Just about enough material to get through it, but she's only 24 with a few albums under her belt, only one of which has hit the mainstream. Or my definition of mainstream anyway - Same Trailer Different Park - test it out today, even if you think you don't like banjos. Slight issue with a guy yelling "Texas" as loudly as he could in many quiet bits, as well as some dude behind me shouty-singing every lyric of every song, and filming himself doing it - can't wait for that to hit Youtube. Still, most enjoyable, and twenty quid well spent, and not forgetting the two Essex ticks as well - all days should be like yesterday.

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  1. I remember a Sprawk taking the Trumpeter Finch down in Sussex many years ago, mind you the bird was very pale compared to the Linnets it was with. You should have seen the faces on the birders just arriving......

    Laurie -