Saturday 5 October 2013

Latest twitch isa beautiful success

I'm very tired, I had no idea that west Wales was quite so far away, but it was a great decision to go. Another species not dipped - I much prefer the shoe-ins on the whole. But before I continue, today was a two tick day. Yes that's right people, there was another bird! Perhaps not quite as rare as Isabelline Wheatear, but equally tricky to catch up London. I have seen my first Thames Auk, a Guillemot off Crossness this morning, before pointing the car westwards. Usually I expect lost seabirds in the river to be looking pretty sorry for themselves, but this little fella seemed pretty chipper all things considered, and has spent up to a week holidaying between Waterloo and Barking. Completely unable to do anything in the week, I am grateful to John and the gang for pinning it down on their patch. Guillemot is my 250th species in London, a landmark of sorts, though meaningless for the most part.

A short five hours later I found myself standing looking at Skomer. And this:

More later...............


  1. Breathtaking shots Jonathan, brightened up my day.


  2. Breathtaking shots Jonathan, brighten up my whole day!

  3. Awesome bit of photography Jono!