Friday 17 May 2013

Getting it wrong

I recently decided that I would like to listen to the Zac Brown Band. I'd heard them on the wireless, they sounded pretty tight, it was my kind of music (i.e. had a banjo in it), job's a good 'un. The recommended album was called The Foundation, so I nipped onto Amazon and there it was. Click. Fairly expensive at £7.49 (most of my music is so deeply unpopular that I end up buying the CDs for a few pence) but hey, I was feeling flush, and I did really want this album. A few days later it turned up, so I eagerly unwrapped it, popped the disc into the player, and pressed play. What the?

Turning over the back of the CD case, the first track was called "Solid Rock". Not so bad surely? Second track, "Come Thou Font". Eh? The Zac Brown Band are bunch of good ol' boys from Georgia that sing about Fried Chicken and other mature themes, or so I thought. I skipped down the track listing. "What a friend we have in Jesus". "Holy Holy Holy". "O Come O Come Emmanuel".


Here, encapsulated in one simple photo, lies the very real danger of online shopping.

In a way it's rather unfair, it's just too easy a mistake to make. Zac Brown Band, The Foundation vs The Brown Band, Foundations. Even the reviews of the ever-so-slightly religious one are in fact meant for the other one, and thus it gets five stars and glowing comments. Sucked me in I can tell you. As you can tell from the photo I now own both, and the one I actually wanted is excellent, properly good. So good that despite the fact they're a support act for Springsteen later this summer at a gig I've got a ticket for, I'm also going to see them the following evening at the Shepherd's Bush Empire. I booked it online, so let's just hope I don't turn up and find it's the God Squad...


  1. Talking of banjos, you ever heard any Sufjan Stevens? Corking but not country - but you might like! He plays banjo purty good! Check out Illinoise or The Avalanche, for best results

  2. Perhaps it wasn't a mistake jono, perhaps it's a sign, someone is trying to tell you something. Have you tried singing these songs.

  3. Easily done Jono

    I once went to Liverpool to find the Abbey Road zebra crossing and have my picture taken on it. My only excuse is it was pre-internet so how could I possibly have was in London.

    Sufjan Stevens as Col mentions is pretty good. He's even got a song about the Ivory-billed Woodpecker.