Monday 27 May 2013

Clickety click click click

Finally the day I've been itching to have for what seems like months. Not many rarities around, and in any event I hardly need to twitch anything these days what with having nearly the largest life list in Britain. So, forsaking any potential ticks, Mick S and I headed to a few sites in Kent with the aim of taking as many photos as possible, or that's what Mick said anyway - he has a tendency to be extremely trigger-happy. He'll learn I guess.

First stop Dungeness which was freezing and bird-free. And I mean totally bird free. We found two or three Whitethroats and that was it. Retiring for a cup of tea we got news of two Temminck's Stints showing well at Rye Harbour, so we toddled off there. A fence sytmied our dreamed of commando approach, and so we had to shoot from high up and through the fence. Mick took about three hundred, while I only took two. Here's one of them:

Semi-satisfied, we headed off to try our luck with other Hobby at Dunge, and a few other species, which ended with a memorable encounter with a very friendly Meadow Pipit in lovely evening sunlight. Even I took quite a few here, many of which I'll post up on my other website when I have a moment. And that was it really, a pleasant day in the sunshine with no worries whatsoever. Passed a gently smoking and vaguely familiar white van on the hard shoulder of the M20 on the way back, but otherwise an uneventful trip.

Today is all about photo editing and lazing around in the garden, so don't expect too much more from me this weekend. Unless another mega breaks of course, in which case I'm going to zoom off for it immediately.

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  1. I couldn't control myself it was like my finger had a mind of its own !!