Friday 15 March 2013

Wheatear Counter....

Houston, we have a problem.........

I think you'll agree that I've been pretty restrained so far, but this is serious. Today was supposed to see Wheatears. I was supposed to see Wheatears! The arrival dates over the the last four years have been March 16th, March 30th, March 20th and March 15th. Using complicated maths that means we're due March 15th again. Possibly. Anyway, today is the earliest day on the patch that Wheatears have previously occurred, it's dark outside and there have been no Wheatears, so that means they're late and I'm annoyed. Actually I haven't been out looking - it was raining this morning, didn't fancy that, and the rest of the day I've been otherwise engaged earning crusts, but there are enough patch-workers (and poachers, you know who you are!) that had a Wheatear been present, it would have been found, and I would have twitched it by now. As it is, March 15th has gone begging, and with the prospect of serious rain tomorrow, the 16th is potentially out as well. And I'm busy on Sunday. Gah!


  1. Surely 21st is the due date, good job your not a banker or something to do with the economy!
    I missed the first one on the patch by 5 minutes, flushed just as I arrived after being present for 3 days. I expect there may be another.