Saturday 29 September 2012


Well, I'm here. Only just, and despite the best efforts of Flybe to ensure I went no further than Gatwick... I am never flying with them again (apart from the trip home next week obviously). We left over 2 hours late and they had to hold the Sumburgh flight for us. We made it - just.

And started birding straight away. We commenced by dipping Olive-backed Pipit and Izzy Shrike in increasingly windy conditions. Gave that a couple of hours and then slunk in defeat to check the quarries. These held two Blackbirds, but happily I managed to pick up the Little Bunting at Sumburgh Farm which showed very well between squalls.

We are now ensconced in our accommodation blighted by indecision. The problem is that there are too many of us, we're past the critical mass of people required to make a decision. At the moment Unst, Bressay and mainland are all on the table and we have absolutely no idea what we're going to do. The weather will likely dictate where we go - the wind is going to be gusting to 40+ mph. Not sure I fancy any ferries....

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  1. Jono - know how you feel. In previous years we've had a group of between 5 - 7 and had t ohire two cars. Decisions, decisions....

    This year we are back to 3 which is much more manageable. 3-4 is ideal group size.