Saturday 1 September 2012

My new favourite blog

Today I went to the paralympics with Muffin. In common with most places I have been recently, I made a new friend. My new friend is a man whose son was calling the paralympic athletes names. I objected to this, and said it was disrespectful, to put it mildly. I am apparently a prat who should keep my mouth shut, and were he anywhere else he would have battered me. Nice man. The poor kid has no chance really, has he? Upshot? They left.

This however is not what I wanted to talk about, I just cite it as another example of near-martyrdom of the kind that happens about once a day at the moment. What I actually wanted to talk about was my new favourite blog. My Sister-in-law and her husband who are staying at the moment put me onto it, and it is a work of rare genius.

Bald Monkey Seen a Bird

It must be incredibly difficult to write, but I really appreciate the effort that goes into it. Please go and have a read of it. Read the whole thing if you can, you will come across gems like this: "Went to PC World. Ironically seen a very un-PC Herring Gull spouting fascist diatribe at a man who’d bought a laptop." Superb. Anyway, that's enough from me. I need a good sleep to prepare myself for whichever twat I'm certain to meet tomorrow. Bye for now!

A patch Reed Warbler. Anyone wanting directions for it can take a hike.


  1. I liked your comment on the wiki, thanks for sharing :) I don't know why, but I have a feeling it wasn't really you that posted this:

    "Wanstead Park: Shoulder of Mutton Pond. Grey Heron on north bank at 16:10, about 8.7 metres from the reedy end (only the 2,821st for the park, and the first since yesterday). It is a large grey and white bird, and had both feet in the water. At 16:11 it flew up onto a post where I took some photos of it. My first three shots had incorrect exposure compensation dialled in so I had to take them again. These ones worked. At 16:12 (approx) it flew off east and I did not see it again, but good luck if you go. Shoulder of Mutton Pond is the first one that you get to east of Blake Hall Road. It was raining a bit so bring an umbrella. If you come and find it dry, please post an update so that others will know. Thanks. (J Lethbridge)"

  2. No, this is by me, it's the new way forward. The sightings page is no longer for sightings, it's now a page to write the most banal crap you can possibly think of so that a bunch of Robin strokers can feel like they own the place.

  3. Hahaha - personally I think it's an improvement :D

    There's really been quite a ding-dong going on there recently between certain individuals, I mean blimey, it's just a sightings page!

  4. Good, as I plan to write a lot more from now on. If I can pick you up on one thing though..... it used to be just a sightings page. It's a chatroom now.