Friday 7 September 2012


Yesterday I had the day off, planned at the last minute. So did you go, most people have asked. No. No I didn't. I chilled out at home and thought how happy I was sat on the terrace drinking a chilled beverage, and how unhappy I would have been on the M3. Fervertly hoping that the bird (a Short-billed Dowitcher, mega, but hardly setting the world on fire) would depart asap, I have but one more night of crossing my fingers. If it stays put, tomorrow I'm going to Lodmoor with the rest of the world for some first-class muppetry. I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. Not twitching things immediately comes easier once you've missed a few things, you come to the realisation that there is no point going for absolutely everything as if you were that bothered you would have gone for that Orphean Warbler, and you would have gone for that Rufous-tailed Robin or whatever it was. So one more miss just doesn't hurt anymore, and I feel nothing but pride for not cracking.

Anyhow, with my day off I pottered around the patch not seeing a great deal, dialled into a work conference call (Mr dedicated), and sat around skywatching (one Sparrowhawk) with a beer. It's all about quality of life. Then at about 4pm, a new computer arrived, and my quality of life went downhill extremely quickly. No matter what people may have you believe, getting a new PC set up exactly as your old one was is a right royal pain in the wotsit. I finished around midnight, which included putting another hard drive in it, and swapping the graphics cards around, as although the new one is a lean mean fighting machine, the graphics card in it was designed with only one thing in mind; saving the manufacturer money. It has a whopping 4 terrabytes of storage, which I believe is room for around 800,000 photos of Wheatears. I look forward to filling it up rapidly, which seeing how ridiculously quickly it processes image files, shouldn't take too long at all. Maybe some Dowitcher photos would help?


  1. ... or some Baillon's Crake pics

  2. Una fotografia del Robin muy bonita, en su ambiente natural donde la combinacion de colores resalta mas al pequeño pajaro.Un saludo.