Thursday 25 August 2011

Le Fairy Magique de Chateau L

For the last two and a half years, there has been a Magic Fairy residing at Chateau L. No really. She arrived at around the same time that I was made redundant, and has been a huge boon for my family and I. I'm not sure we would have coped without the Fairy, she is amazing, and does everything. Washing, cooking, cleaning, shopping, copious dusting, and somehow also manages to operate a free taxi service. In short, a blessing, and we are privileged.

However, all is not well, the Fairy has been getting fidgety. You see, I have been looking for a job, and incredibly, I might actually get one. Back in the world of finance, and the Fairy is not pleased. She has announced her intention to leave. This is devastating news frankly, we cannot imagine surviving without her. All the things she does to keep us afloat, to keep us from drowning in dirty dishes and dust. All the meals, the freshly laundered clothes, the sparkling stainless steel. But her decision is final, she says. If I go back to work, she leaves, and there is no pleading with her, no convincing her. The lady's not for turning. And so, like Mary Poppins when her work is done, she will leave, and this family will be much the poorer for her departure.

We will miss her terribly, of course. More than just a domestic slave, she has become almost one of the family. But she has said that there are others in need, other families that she can assist, and so she'll go, and somewhere, in a quiet suburban street, a little bit of magic will light up fresh, grateful eyes. There's a voice that keeps on calling her, she says, and so she has to move on. We don't know where, and she won't tell us. Cryptically she says she'll always be just down the road.

So the day is coming soon, maybe tomorrow, when we will have to bid goodbye to our Fairy. There will be tears, but perhaps it is for the best.

Le Fairy magique de Chateau L


  1. Cher Jono, Je pence que le casserole etait plein d'alcool et que le fee magique (ou domestique) avait beaucoup bu et q'elle etait ivre, donc, c'est la raison pour laquelle elle doit partir n'est-ce pas. amitie's, David.

  2. Your finest ever posting, sir. Gaz Richards

  3. Well done Jono on the finance job. The fairy can always come stay with us. I'll even give her Sundays off for birding trips, sorry I mean parties with Tinkerbell, or whatever fairies get up to.

  4. Congratulations on the job front though I'm a bit sorry to see you go back to finance instead of into writing, photography, or field work (quite the Renaissance man, our Jono!). Perhaps there is a way to merge finance and birding ... head of financial operations at Swarovski?

    But can understand why you have not chosen house-cleaning and crown-wearing as a new endeavor, as adorable as that look is on you. I see the pink scrubby brush has been well used and may be ready for retirement as well.