Friday 10 June 2011

So good they named it twice

Well, you've been able to look at me in Speedos for a few days now (the stats show many repeat visitors, ahem), so I reckon it's high time we moved on to something completely different. It being June, there is not much bird-related, although largely this is due to me not going birding. Who knows what could be out there, flocks of Black Skimmers on Heronry, roving parties of Bee-eaters around Alexandra Lake, or even a White-throated Robin near the Bowling Green on Aldersbrook Road. That last possibility is just plain silly of course, and would never happen, but June does have the odd knack of throwing up a biggie. Indoors however, on what must be my eightieth load of washing since returning from France, I wouldn't know. Holidays are all very well, but you spend a week preparing for them, you know finding stuff, packing it, sourcing Crocodiles, that kind of thing, and then when you get back it's at least another week of unpacking, finding homes for things, washing, more washing......
Oh, and to hammer yet another nail in my non-birding coffin, earlier in the week Muffin had a tummy upset involving stuff coming out of both ends. Lovely. This generated another few loads of washing, but hey, and whilst he has now recovered, this morning Pudding threw up on the school run. She is now wrapped up in towels in the front room in what is becoming a well-practised routine. The washing machine door is open, the powder is in, the dial is set to 'K'. I'm ready!
So, as I sat down and wondered what to replace the Speedos with, I thought that either I could write about washing and being sick, or bung a few photos on from New York last month. I concluded that nobody wanted to hear about vomit and diarrhoea, and that the Big Apple would be a better bet.


  1. I felt myself inadequate to come up with a comment worthy of the Speedo post. "My, Jonathan, you do fill out that Speedo nicely!"? I found it fascinating that not only is the Speedo-loving stereotype of the French true, but they actually mandate Speedo-wearing. I love many things about France but share your suspicion that hygiene is only a thin justification for a national fascination with banana hammocks.

    I am probably one of the few readers who would choose diarrhea over NYC (not that I dislike NYC) however the photos are great--I like the third down in particular, would definitely put that on my wall.