Monday 13 June 2011

The One Dancing Princess

Ideally this post would be about a Roller I've just seen, but the timings just didn't work out. There'll be another, and right now my twitching urges are at a low ebb. In fact I am at a low ebb, but that's one for another time. However I am very pleased to bring you a production by the local dance company, performed only this afternoon in our middle room.

The company have apparently been working quite hard at this, the first in a series of works, to be performed one-a-night all week. There has been hushed practicing, and back-stage (or the hall) has been a hive of activity. After a couple of false starts, including the leading lady forgetting her name three seconds after being reminded of it, they were ready, and this is the stunning result. The children have inherited my dancing genes it appears, they are very lucky. I am not sure of the exact story, no doubt more will be revealed tomorrow. Listen carefully for the outpouring of sympathy from the director (who also plays Taylor, the hunter) very near the end of the production. I have no idea who was in the audience.....

It's only a couple of minutes long, I encourage you to watch until the very end. Or if you're busy, just skip to the final fifteen seconds.


  1. Worth watching just to hear your reaction at the end (which was the same as Mr and Mrs R, we have to admit)!

  2. Have just watched this, post-Roller... and probably woken Suzanne up laughing out loud. Brilliant!!!

  3. I don't think it is entirely a coincidence that YouTube next recommended a video to me called "WORST PARENTS EVER!!" Also, no lie, "Throw babies".

    I laughed too, though. Sometimes parenting is cruel.

    P.S. IE 8 doesn't seem to like your verification form.