Saturday 20 January 2024

Screwed up

Well I messed that up. I dedided to go to the Park this morning to stock up on year ticks. What I should have done was go to the Flats, where 99 times out of a hundred I would be on a Saturday morning. So I was stood by the Roding in the Old Sewage Works year-ticking a Little Egret, a bird that frankly I could see just about any day I fancied, when a flock of Lapwing flew over the Flats. Excellent. I was about done anyway so hurried back and spent the next two hours scanning the sky from my usual vantage point. Guess how many Lapwings flew over? 

Shoulder of Mutton just after first light

The other thing I messed up was my spreadsheet of targets. I thought I had added two birds in the Park as I had also seen a Kestrel, but it turns out that I hadn't yet seen Gadwall or Grey Heron either, so with the addition of a Reed Bunting on the Flats I now find myself on 59, one greater than I ended last January on. And tantalisingly close to 60 of course. But missing Lapwing, a bird that I should have prioritised the merest possibilty of. Oh well, plenty of time left. I think I remember saying that throughout last year....


  1. Seems only five minutes since I last visited WB, and what's this? A backlog of four posts to read! On consecutive dates too (is that a first?) and packed with drama. Love the Ferruginous Duck.