Thursday 24 August 2023

Golden Eagle Wanstead Flats

In many ways Twitter, or "X" as my phone now shows it, would have been the perfect place for this little gem but I've really gone off it. Not that it was ever that fabulous, but it has definitely gone downhill "under new management". This is a term often associated with pubs that were shit and remain shit, desperate for foot fall, and I have no problem using it to descibe Twitter and what it has become. Anyway.

A rarity south of the border, Golden Eagle records are likely to be instantly dismissed by county recorders, as such I made sure to get photographic evidence in order to support my submission. I have no problem sharing it here first though, feast your eyes on this!


  1. Looks like it was pretty settled. I guess lots of local birders were able to connect. Well done, patch gold (and blue and red).

    1. I think three of us saw it before it was flushed into longer grass and lost from view.

  2. Should have saved this one for April 1st... Ingredients seem to be entirely chemical - including colouring. Does anyone ever pour it into a glass I wonder?