Thursday 2 July 2020

Happy shepherds

The sunset last night in London was epic. I wasn't anywhere with an eye-catching foreground or point of interest, Tower Bridge, The Shard, the London Eye etc, the view from the new turret at Chateau L is merely the rooftops of suburbia, so for the most part I just pointed the lens at the palette unfolding in front of me. Hues of red, orange, pink, yellow, grey and blue layered up to the west and it was quite lovely. A camera can never really do these scenes justice and so for the most part I just gazed. It didn't last long, but up on my balcony (longing for a drink but it was only Wednesday...) it was a fabulous sight and made me rather chuffed to be here on planet Earth. There are a lot of unhappy things occurring all over the place, which perhaps makes the majesty of a known constant like this even more important as something to cling to and soak up.


  1. Lovely photos, but the words are even better. [Thumbs-up emoji]

  2. Definitely a G & T sunset! Your eloquence is also a constant!

    1. At work if I write anything it has to be precise and factual. Robotic. There is no room for flair or individuality. This Blog is where I can let all of that out, so thanks for the kind comments and for bearing with me.