Tuesday 2 June 2020

Nudge nudge, wink wink

The Flats were all mine this morning. Well, apart from the first dog walker at 4.55am, the insomniac one with the very yappy Yorkshire Terrier that gives the impression of being desperate to sink its tiny yet razor-sharp teeth into my ankle were it not on a retractable lead. Naturally it/they flushed the Little Owl off the ground instantly. The first jogger came through at 5am on the dot, and the second dog-walker arrived at 5.15am. Needless to say they both made a beeline for where I was taking photos, but after them there was a period of peace and quiet during which I was able to get on with it uninterrupted. Lots of pretty photos later I returned home and still had over an hour before work started which allowed for the below silliness (nb you really need to be viewing on a real computer I'm afraid)...

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