Friday 22 March 2019


Very little makes me apoplectic with rage. Our politicians however....

I loathe online petitions. I would nonetheless urge anyone in the UK who does not want Brexit to happen to sign this one.


It is now at over 3.5 million signatories, and without a doubt will be ignored regardless of how many it gets. But when the time comes to throw out our current 'democratic' representatives it can be another charge to level against them. I hope that time comes soon.

On the same topic, if you are the marching kind then there is a demo in London tomorrow. 12pm Park Lane, and from there to Westminster. Just so you know, the last one was enormous and roundly ignored. Apparently the only democratic decisions that carry any weight are ones that are three years old. However I think the winds of change are starting to blow. This lot have had it - from both sides - and the public will not forgive them. This is not the 'will of the people', or what 'by far the majority' wants. There are still many people who, despite the facts, still genuinely want out of Europe for reasons known only to themselves. I think that casual xenophobia and a fear of the future accounts for a large part of that. Thousands upon thousands of people of people will tomorrow reject that small mindedness. 

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  1. I reckon some people think Brexit is butch. The sort of people who like to identify with groups, football gangs etc. They of course just need to be part of something, even if it is self-destructive. Bit like Jeremy really.