Monday 25 March 2019

Birding interlude

Quick update on the birding front – this Saturday was a very enjoyable time to be out on Wanstead Flats. Unfortunately I met up with Tony only after he had had Woodcock, but we then recorded an extremely early House Martin, two Sand Martins, and last but by no means least a Wheatear.  A genuine pleasure as always, even if it did do a vanishing act immediately. With luck there will be many more. We then had a mini-raptor fest at Alex - Buzzard, Peregrine, Sparrowhawk and Red Kite were all seen in a single ten minute period mid-morning. The first Blackcaps were in song, and I had picked up Chiffchaff in the week, so my languishing year list now looks a little more respectable. If I can get up in the mornings and get out there, it could increase by more – but this means getting up at 5.30am, at least this week until the clocks change. And per my previous post, I am not sure I can manage that!

Coming up, Utah....

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