Wednesday 10 October 2018

Samsung Sunrise

I have to say I am increasingly impressed with what phones are capable of - it does lead me to wonder why I lug a large SLR around the place, at least for landscapes and people. Clearly no good for birds but equally some of the walkabout cameras are capable of OK results. I don't think the gap has yet been bridged, haha, but the distance is definitely narrowing. It pleases me that when I am old and infirm I will still be able to carry a camera. So, I took these yesterday actually, whilst I was seeing no Redwings but before the Egret came over and meant my blog material had to change for the day. Had I not given the game away would you have known these were casual phone shots (and not even from a phone that remotely qualifies as 'latest')?


  1. I saw a Barnacle goose grazing on the football pitches near the Golden Fleece in a largish group of Greylag and Egyptian geese last night just after sunset. This surprised me somewhat. There was a pair of Gadwall on the Jubilee pond last winter, which was nice to see.

    1. Yes, that's been here for a week or so! There are a few wandering around London I think.