Tuesday 2 October 2018

Florida calling

I recently saw an advert for a bird photography course in Florida lasting 3.5 days and costing $1749. I saw another, also 3.5 days, which involved boat trips to photograph Roseate Spoonbill for $2499. A fool and his money are easily parted. Fair enough, the leader is a pre-eminent bird photographer, however that is just crazy crazy money. I am taking Mick S there next month and I am not charging him anything like that! Seriously though, I should become a bird photography tutor, if I could get five punters to pay something along those lines, or even half of that, that would be me sorted out. Who wants to sign up? I know the places, I know the theory, and every now and again I've been known to take a decent bird image. Winner, surely? Here's a Wilson's Plover. I can help you take photos like this for a modest fee. I'm going again next month purely to research the best spots for you and you alone. I'm happy to take two people back next year. More than that and I would not spend enough time with each person. Winter months are best. I am free in December. Expressions of interest in the comments box please. £500 each for 3 days of photography + flights and accommodation which I will organise and bill you for. Participants must be able-bodied and like sand as there will be a shit load of crawling on our stomachs....

PS I also have experience of the UAE, Morocco, Iceland, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Romania and several other places. Take your pick, I'm there.

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