Tuesday 10 July 2018

Celebrating 13 years and 7 months

It's not the most obvious anniversary I know, but we have been in Chateau L now for 13 years and seven months. How they knew is beyond me, but it was extremely gratifying to have what amounts to probably the whole RAF fly over the ancestral home earlier today. I didn't know today was the day, and first heard some helicopters close by and wondered what was going on. The next thing I know a whole flock of them went over, and soon after that some gigantic planes. I raced up the turret and grabbed a camera, and just about the first thing I photographed was this. 

Stealth my arse. Surely my camera should have been totally flummoxed by this thing with all its confusing surfaces? But no, I picked it up instantly and blasted it out of the sky. $85 million apparently. Rubbish. At the very end of what was a veritable procession came the Red Arrows. Who doesn't like the Red Arrows eh? This is one half of the "V", but the angle they came in on makes it look like they're stacked on top of each other. Anyway, nice to be able to finally write a blog post about things that fly....

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