Saturday 17 February 2018

In which my new camera is broken

I went out birding today. Not far, just down to Jubilee to test whether the second-hand camera I have just bought worked properly. To cut a long story short, it didn't, which is very much a total bummer. And a big fat hassle as well, as now I have to send it back, possibly argue, etc etc. A shame as most of it works just fine and I am quite enamored with it. In the thirty minutes I spent playing with it to make sure everything worked as expected it did seem a step up from the last one. However in a different way it is a step down, as whilst giving it a thorough work-out I discovered that a critical part of it appears to be as dead as a dodo. I need a camera to simply work and to not have to think about it, so it's a reject. These are some of the test images I took, the quality seems fine, so if I can get a working one it will keep me going for a while I expect.

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