Saturday 4 November 2017

Misty Morning Hop

Bit of a change yesterday. Whilst I did hear a Brambling and some Linnets, mostly I piddled about with my camera in some simply glorious light as the sun came up on a misty Wanstead Flats. I’m aware that I’ve typed a lot recently, and I can see from the endless comments that people have left how interesting they find that, so instead here is a image-heavy post featuring my local patch. The light was a joy - I should really be more strict about when I take my camera out and when I don't, most days the light is simply pathetic. No excitement, no life. Yesterday was awesome though, and I am really glad I took a camera, and I was also quite pleased with my lens choice.

So for any geeks who happen to be reading, these were all taken with a Canon 5D MkIII, not the latest camera by any means, and one of my favourite but very accident prone lenses, the 70-200 f2.8 L MkII. I haven’t dropped it onto a concrete surface for a few months now so it is in full working order and was a pleasure to use, and of course compared to my birding kit it felt like I had a toy camera in my hands, almost weightless.

Here are a few of my favourites images from the hour or so I spent wandering around looking for opportunities. I was out before sunrise, but most of these were taken once the sun was a little way up. It was a standout hour in an otherwise unenjoyable day. I've got a whole load more than this of course, but I am saving them in case I need to brighten up a dull day. I'm also going to be seeing what I can do with them in black and white, silly though that sounds. I reckon with come heavy contrast and some darkening some of these could look quite atmospheric. Anyhow, hope you like them.


  1. Some lovely shots. Don't know where you get the energy, getting up early before work seems far too tiring! Also if there is nothing doing in Wanstead in Nov/Dec maybe a trip abroad is required!

  2. Outside the box has worked a treat ... Love them all

  3. Checks for the comments guys. I'm going to try out a few different lenses for different perspectives whenever the weather is suitable.

  4. Great photos - I feel a Wanstead Flats 2018 calendar and postcards coming to a local independent arts and crafts shop/cafe soon. And selling out. Matt