Saturday 19 November 2016


As regular readers will know I am bit daft. I am also nothing if not bloody-minded - when I occasionally put my mind to it. The all or nothing approach. Wheatears fall firmly into the "all" category and I am rather determined to get photographs of them all - decent photographs, or at least photographs that please ME. A lot of Wheatears live places that are a little dicey, and as yet my obsession has not led me to risk my safety by seeking them out, however Hume's Wheatear is a regular UAE bird, and the Emirates are perfectly safe. And only seven hours away....

You may remember that I returned last time (Jan 2015) somewhat dissatisfied with my efforts. Yes saw the bird. Yes sharp and nicely exposed. Nice perch....ah. No, not good enough. I came away with wheelie bins, posts and fences. What I really wanted was rocks and nice clean branches. Mostly rocks though. So I went back to Dubai, drove across the desert to the Omani border, loaded the passenger foot-well of my hire car with nice rocks, drove up a mountain, and had another go. 

The below sequence more or less describes what happened next.