Saturday 1 October 2016

Shetland - day 2

A quieter day today, but practically no wind so made finding what birds there were slightly easier. We added to our swelling total of Yellow-browed Warblers almost everywhere we went, including four at our first destination of Fladdabister. Next stop Ocraquoy where a Blackcap in a garden drew our attention, which in turn allowed us to see the Rosefinch sitting just behind it, and when we got out of the car to have a closer look this meant we saw the Red-backed Shrike in the adjacent field......this is how birding goes sometimes. Only on Shetland. It can be very good up here at times.

We passed Nick on to his next carers at around lunchtime after an exhausting a futile slog up Quendale (reward: one Dunnock), and as a treat went and bought A LOT of beer in Lerwick in preparation for moving into our digs up on Muckle Roe. Apart from this not a huge amount to report, but the weather in the next few days is beginning to look rather tasty, and our list of decent birds in just the first two days is rather good. Still plenty of time to add to it as well.

Just love these - the team has seen 34 in three days


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