Friday 19 August 2016

Time to go birding again?

Tonight, for the first time in a long time, I thought about going birding. In this country. In Wanstead even. I reckon it is about time. A few Spotted Flycatchers have turned up, Pied Flycatchers on the coast, and even the first Wrynecks and Hoopoes. In other words the doldrums of summer are finished and it is becoming interesting again. I am also getting interested again, I am in the mood. A long hard summer of medical nonsense seems to be behind me - my gut consultant says he doesn't want to see me again for a long time - after what he did to me the feeling is entirely mutual! My hand is also feeling a lot better about three and half weeks in - not better better, but I can tie shoes again, and I have a cast thingy that I can take off if it annoys me. Naturally I have not worn it for days, and I am very much enjoying the freedom of not having it on, albeit with all the risks that comes with. Bah, it'll be fine. So tomorrow you may well see me out on Wanstead Flats, both hands holding binoculars to my keen little face as I strain every optic nerve to seek out migrants.

I've not been birding for a while, certainly not in this country. A host of rarities have passed me by, perhaps proving that my twitching days are firmly behind me. Purple what? Oh nevermind. That said I am working out how I am going to get myself onto Shetland this October, and have a vague itinerary planned that involves planes and boats. All in order to fall into iris beds and be driven to the ends of the earth to see nothing but Chaffinches. Bring it on, I am genuinely looking forward to it. Perhaps the fact that I've been slack is the ideal preparation in terms of generating enthusiasm?

Just like blogging. It felt like months since I had written anything, and then there was a flurry of blogging in July. Predictably I gave up again for August, but I've done little this month other than work my ass off, visit hospitals, and travel. I can't blog about work, I told you about my hand, but travel...... Did I mention I went to New York? It wasn't the greatest trip I have ever done as the weather was dreadful, but it wasn't a total let down either as I came away largely with many of the images I wanted. It was more a case of what might have been really, and I can't wait to get back there at the same time next year. Not committed yet as ticket prices are silly and I know the deals will come. There have also been family trips to Prague, Budapest and Vienna, all of which were fabulous and none of which involved birds, although we did see a Kingfisher in the Wachau valley whilst tasting apricot juice. Plenty of blogging material gained, but I may have to release it bit by bit as I get time. Time is still a large problem, specifically a lack of it. I like to be busy of course, but it's a bit of a joke at the moment. Can I make time for birding for the next two months? Hope so,I fancy a Tropicbird....

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