Wednesday 25 November 2015

Same old, same old

Ok so yesterday or whenever I wrote a whole long post about how my blog was much better when I did nothing and just bummed about at home with my duster, and how it would be good to get back to that as I was much more comfortable, albeit without getting fired again. But did I mention I went to Florida for the weekend?! Not being able to piss off abroad for the weekend was one of the chief disadvantages of not having a job, and yes maybe it doesn't provide great blogging material in the same way that potty training does, but jeez, it's Florida! Warmth, happiness, birds galore, a feeling of comparative slenderness.....what's not to like?

A trip report will follow, but basically it was about flopping about on the beach flat on my not insubstantial stomach and getting as many photographs of birds as I possibly could. As many as possible in two days ended up being 3,120 which is pretty obscene, but in the cold light of day this has been culled down to 600 or so, of which a mere 86 are at this point deemed worthy of publication. If you are very very bored, or wish to avoid consumer hell this coming Friday, you can see them all here. If just one is all you need, then clap your eyes on this! It is a Black Skimmer and is totally ace at beaks.

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