Sunday 20 September 2015

A very sociable plover

So first the view were like this, and we weren't sure if it was going to be that friendly.

And then after a bit of creeping around and getting quite sandy and a little but muddy the views were like this, and it all seemed to be going pretty sociably.

And then the various bits of plant started being really anti-social and just getting in the way, and so there was a little bit more creeping and crawling, ending up with a bit of slithering.

And then it was decided that the background really wasn't that much of a turn on, and if this bird (a sociable plover and not a Sociable Plover) would just do the decent thing and move a bit rather than just be sociable right next to us, that would be best for all concerned. And then it did.

And then it did some more.

But the background, whilst nicer, was still a little bit bluey and browny. Bluey is ok in my book. So is browny. But multi-bluey-browney can be improved upon, and so there was a little bit more creeping and neck hurting until the browny went away. It was clearly antisocial. But this left blue, though some might call it grey, which was nice.

A Dotterel. But you knew that.

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