Wednesday 4 February 2015

Behold, it is February and I am falling to bits

1/12th of the year gone already, and still no Fieldfare. I have been trying, honest, and I know that there are at least two birds on the patch but they never find me. I've been out once this month so far, when a scattering of snow promised something good. That something was a Lapwing, but only an hour after I had left for work. When you were a lad, I remember seeing 376 of them in one hit, so the missing of this single bird is not the big disaster you might thing it is. 

In other news my eyeball is disintegrating. As I approach the big 4-0, I have noticed that an annoying wiggle now runs straight down my right eyeball. An s-shaped squiggle with a little head on it that traverses the page as I read. Left right, left right. Pisses me right off I can tell you. Detailed research has concluded that "Floaters" , as they are scientifically named by the NHS, are small pieces of debris that float in the eye's vitreous humour. My particular one is so humorous that it looks like a sperm under a microscope. No joke. Supposedly once they've been there a while the brain learns to ignore them, but my brain is so far too stupid to have managed this. It's most obvious against white computer screens. Like blogger. Oh. Here's my best drawing of what it looks like, little bugger won't stay still. Looking for an egg probably.

Apparently all part of the aging process, and I am only destined to get more and more of them, which is a bit of a downer to be honest. My eyes get used a lot, for work, writing crap like this, and behind a camera. Sometimes they even look through binoculars. Now if my floater were Lapwing-shaped.....

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  1. Jelly. Chunks of jelly. That's what my Mum gave me for that.

    Or was that spots on fingernails?