Wednesday 14 January 2015

Mega Patch Update!

I was walking with Bob on the way to work and I heard a Song Thrush! He heard it too, and it was undeniably a Song Thrush. I was gutted for him, watching me catch up without even breaking step, but that's just the way I roll. Which takes me to 53. Not 52, as although I managed to write about a few Linnet that I had seen, I failed to actually count them. So the last post I wrote about where my 2015 year total was poetically exactly half of the previous year was in fact an utter lie, as the total was 50.98%, which although higher is nowhere near as satisfying and had I known I likely wouldn't have posted anything. This is blogging in the raw.

I'm seriously off the pace already though, with the patch total standing at 71. How, on January 14th, can I be missing 18 species?! FFS. OK, so Greenfinch ought to be straightforward, but still. Oh, and House Sparrow I suppose, but then it starts getting difficult. Redwing. Fieldfare.....

One proper thrash round ought to sort me out. But with the Slav still present, will I manage it? That little beauty deserves way more of my precious time as I'm sure you'll agree. There are apparently three Grebe species on the one pond at the moment - a record which will doubtless take quite some time to exceed, and I want to be a part of it. Such that, in many years, I can say to the next generation of young whippersnapper birders that they ain't seen nothing. No-thing. 

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