Wednesday 31 December 2014

Adios 2014

Well, it's been a roller-coaster year. Plenty of ups, a few downs. Normal life in other words, never perfect. Egrets, I've had a few. Gems, many. Visited a pile of places, took a load of photos, saw tons. Worked my butt off, learned a great deal about many varied topics, some of interest, some of use, some of no interest or use whatsoever. What will 2015 bring I wonder?

For one, I hope that people can stay happy. The world is such a crummy place at the moment, with so much anger, hate and violence. I am shocked on a daily basis at the depravity of mankind. Birding would help I feel. The experience of the cold clear air and the rush that seeing something beautiful can bring. This probably sounds exceedingly twee, but if I've had a crappy day, and hour birding after work, an hour hearing Skylarks singing and Meadow Pipits squeaking helps a great deal. And what about Wheatears? Manna from heaven, just as you're utterly fed up with winter along comes a bit of Africa on your local patch. Alert, bright-eyed, orange. It warms the soul, it really does. Think about that in the depths of winter, let it nurture you and guide you towards spring. As I type, it's potentially only ten short weeks away. For now, enjoy the Ducks in their finery, but know that the real beauties are not far away.

Today, I asked that the office TV be turned off. It was, and peace reigned. So all that remains is to wish any readers a peaceful and wildlife filled New Year. It starts in less than four hours. I might go on a twitch. But do whatever you enjoy. Just get out there and enjoy it. Stay local or travel. Live. Bird if that's your thing, photograph if that's what you enjoy. Life is all too short. Enjoy it, make yourself happy.

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  1. Well said mate. Happy New Year and keep me entertained with your musings during 2015. I really enjoy them!